Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Eight (Yumcha): Haymarket (29/04/2012)

Waking up to a drizzly Sunday morning, my friend changed our original brunch plans at Bills to yumcha at the Eight Restaurant. Owned by the same people behind Zilver, the Eight is usually a yumcha spot for convenience as it offers discounted parking ($5) at Market City for 2 hours.

 Beef mince in rice paper rolls ($6.20)

 Pork and prawn dim sim ($6.20)

 Spinach and prawn ($6.20) - was my favourite from today! Came out steaming hot :)

 Braised chicken feet ($6.20) - a little disappointing since it was almost cold by the time it reached our table

 Red bean paste inside deep-fried glutinous rice ($4.80) - wasn't as nice as Fook Yuen as it was dripping in oil still, but still oh-so-satisfying to finish a yumcha session off :)

Pork mince inside deep-fried glutinous rice ($4.80)

Medium dishes: $4.80
Large dishes: $24.80
Tea: $2.50

Between the two of us, the bill came to $39.40, which we thought was quite good value considering the amount we ate!

Other Visit: 02 August 2012 for Peking duck, Singaporean Chilli crab, fried noodles

The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant
Level 3 Market City 
9 Hay St 
Haymarket NSW 2000
Open for yumcha and dinner 7 days

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