Friday, May 18, 2012

El Loco: Surry Hills (18 May 2012)

El Loco is the type of place that's perfect for group gatherings, and that idea has more than caught on with the after work crowd of Sydney. Making the mistake last night of arriving too late (9pm), the whole place was fully packed, with hardly any standing room let alone sitting areas. Still, we managed to squeeze our way in and stood happily talking with our drinks until a small corner of a table was freed up. 


 The Cantina area

 Busy prepping tacos for the many hungry mouths

 Bar (in the Cantina area)

 Classic margarita ($13.50) - El Loco's refreshing espolon blanco tequila, cointreau shaken with freshly pressed lime juice and organic sugar

 Bar (in the main Excelsior hotel area)

After fighting our way to a small corner that had freed up on one of the side standing tables, we placed our food order and within 5 minutes, they started arriving :)

 Excelsior Hot Dog ($9) - definitely one of my favourites from the night - grilled pork frankfurt sandwiched between one of the softest buns I've tasted before, and then topped with pickled jalepenos, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and a generous slathering of airy cheese. 

 Pollo taco ($5) - seared pieces of chicken strips topped with a sweet corn salsa

 Secret taco ($5) - they have a secret taco which changes everyday - they generally won't tell you what it is until the taco arrives, but that's what makes it fun! Last night's secret taco was the kingfish sashimi, and it was oh-so-good!!!!! Definitely my favourite taco that I have eaten at El Loco so far - the taco shell itself was baked crispy, and then topped with juicy marinated slabs of kingfish sashimi and garnishing. If we hadn't ordered so much, I would have gone back and ordered another two... or three... 

 "Al Pastor" pork 'torta' sandwich ($10) - Impossible to eat it without all the fillings dripping out, but who cares when it's filled generously with chunky pieces of marinated pork, shredded cabbage, coriander, spring onion, tomato, salsa and topped with a generous serve of creamy mayonnaise. 

 Half of our line up on the side table we could find

 Corn chips with guacamole and salsa ($5) - well portioned serve of crunchy thick corn chips, served with this creamy and thick guacomole and spicy salsa

Camaron - prawn taco with salsa verde and pico de gallo ($5) - plump, juicy chargrilled prawns, hidden under a layer of spicy salsa verde and pico de gallo

While the food was ah-mahhh-zing in taste and price factor (around $20/person not incl. drinks), I would probably stick to coming around here during lunch times or earlier on in the night when there are still seats, since there were a few moments when my un-coordinated nature almost got the better of me as I attempted to balance out two tacos and a drink while attempting to grab corn chips!

El Loco 
64 Foveaux St
Sydney NSW 2010
Open 7 days until late

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