Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lime Spices Thai: Neutral Bay (27th May 2012)

We decided to wind down the weekend with a quiet dinner at a local thai place we hadn't tried yet. Lime Spices Thai is hidden away in the Gateway Court (close to the Oaks) and appears to be quite cosy. The room is simply decorated, and there is a glass window where you can view into the kitchen. The service was all done by one waitress, who was overly busy rushing to and from the kitchen. 

Coconut juice ($4.50) 
While it's quite hard to get coconut juice wrong, the coconut juice arrived with half of it being still in ice form so even by the end of the dinner, we still couldn't finish all the juice since some of it was still in a block :(

Duck rolls ($7.50)
Quite tasty but the portion sizes were tiny and everything was cold  
Kuaitiao Lod ($7.50)
This entree consisted of steamed fresh noodle topped with prawn mince, chopped tofu, cooked bean sprout and a peanut homemade sauce. It seemed like they had just quickly steamed some chopped fresh noodles and threw on some quickly stir-fried ingredients as the rice noodles were mostly stuck to each other with no sauce coating them, and the mince, tofu and bean sprouts didn't seem to work together either.

Prawn stir-fried with chilli jam sauce ($14.90)
 My favourite dish from the night - the sweet chilliness from the sauce went well with the generous serves of prawn and vegetables. I also really liked it how they added in a few slices of pumpkin in the stir fry. 

Seafood pad see-ew
 Generally I love noodles, and it's really hard for me to have a noodle dish and dislike it, but this was an exception. Like the entree, some of the rice noodles were still clumped together (so the sauce didn't coat them) and it just seemed to be a relatively flavourless stir-fry of seafood and vegetables on top of some rice-noodles. 

I was quite disappointed from dinner since I was really hoping to find a neighbourhood thai restaurant that we could continuously return to. Perhaps they were having a bad night, or perhaps we should just avoid ordering dishes involving rice noodles, but we'll most likely be visiting some other Thai restaurants before returning to this one again :( 

Lime Spices Thai
9/81-91 Gateway Court Military Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
02 9904 0150
Open for dinner 7 days, lunch wed-fri

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