Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mahjong Room: Surry Hills (31 May 2012)

Walking into Mahjong Room, which is located amongst other popular restaurants along the busy Crown St, we were struck by the unique and quirkiness of Mahjong Room. It reminds me of an eccentric aunty, and the waiters all seem friendly and interesting in their own rights. One of the waiters lead us through the front room of around five tables, and walks us down a narrow hall to our table for two. The decor is warm and cosy, with details thrown all around the place that makes the place seem home-like. However the food is far from anything we've made at home! Although the name and description of the restaurant comes across as a chinese restaurant, it's nothing like the typical chinese restaurant fare we've had. Instead the food was fresh, inventive and simply presented. 

Chicken and vegetable san choi bao ($12)
Tiger prawn & chicken wontons (minced prawn and chicken wrapped in crispy pastry)
Steamed scallop and glass noodles
Blue swimmer crab gow gee - poached dumplings served in light broth
Black pepper scotch fillet with mushroom and onion $26
Steamed fish of the day (barramundi) with ginger, shallot and chilli $29
Chocolate banana spring rolls with lychee ice cream $12

All the dishes we had were cooked simply and well, with my favourite being the black pepper scotch fillet. The sauce in the dish was the perfect balance between being too bland and being too peppery, without being overly oily (which is the case with most chinese restaurants when I order the dish). The meat is also so incredibly tender, and is a perfect shade of red on the inside that is consistent with each cube of beef. Definitely a restaurant that I would be looking at going back to again, even if it was just to have the black pepper scotch fillet main again!

Mahjong Room
312 Crown St 
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9361 3985
Open for dinner Mon-Sat (two seatings: 6/6.30pm and 8.15pm)
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  1. This place gives hope to Cantonese cuisine with its freshness and service.