Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Max Brenner: Castle Hill (28 May 2012)

Although we were quite full after eating dinner next door at Red Spoon Thai, we still had room for the consistently delicious melted chocolate at Max Brenner! The service at the Castle Towers branch has always been consistently slow over our past few visits, so we decided to keep it simple and just order a Chocolate dip today (strawberries with dipping chocolate) to share. 

Front counter
The layout of Max Brenner in Castle Towers is a little awkward, since all the finished dishes are left on the front counter (waiting for a server to pick it up) but it's also the same front counter where the customers place their orders. Unfortunately there's quite a few people with colds going around, and it can be quite concerning when you see people coughing around your order. However it's probably very likely that a lot worse goes on in some restaurant kitchens so I may just be overly paranoid this winter :)

Chocolate shop at the back of the store :)

mmmm Chocolate Lick 
The strawberries were all very sweet, and went well with the richness of the melted milk chocolate dip

Chocolate Lick ($2.50) takeaway
The melted chocolate was so good so we decided to take away two chocolate licks to go with the strawberries that had been sitting around in our fridge at home. Needless to say, the strawberries have since gone. While Max Brenner is a popular chain now so it seems to have lost some of it's "uniqueness", the melted chocolate is so rich and good that I still find myself returning time after time to satisfy my chocolate cravings.

Max Brenner (Castle Hill)
Shop 9A Castle Towers Shopping Centre
6-14 Castle St
Castle Hill NSW 2154
02 9659 2940 
Open 7 days until late

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