Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taste Baguette: Sydney (10 May 2012)

One of my favourite things is smelling freshly baked bread - and there's plenty of it at the Taste Baguette outlets. Walking past the shop today, I had to do a doubletake and go back to order one of their classic vietnamese rolls. A bit pricier than your average viet roll shop, but they do give you choices in terms of what type of bread you want with it (white or wholemeal), and you're guaranteed a freshly baked bread (they were coming out of the oven as I was ordering).

Classic Vietnamese Roll ($6.50) - the bread was perfectly crispy on the outside, and soft and airy on the inside. They're also quite generous in terms of the fillings (pate, pork, cucumber, pickled carrot and radish), though I don't think it's as flavoursome as the viet roll at Hong Ha. 

Other visits to Taste Baguette:
Taste Baguette
Level 2, 86-100 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 8246 9178
Open Mon-Sun for Breakfast and Lunch, and late on Thursday. 

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  1. Their lemongrass baguette is super tasty.

    1. Ooooh thanks for the suggestion Joey! Will definitely check it out next time :)