Friday, May 11, 2012

Zeta Bar: Hilton, Sydney (11 May 2012)

I love exploring new things, and it was fun to have a cocktail made at Zeta Bar tonight with a twist. With their new "farmer's market" theme which was launched last Friday (and running until the end of June), we were handed a paper brown bag each, and allowed to pick up to three fruits/vegetables, herbs & spices, and our choice of liquor. Afterwards it's back into another line, and a bartender will whisk up whatever ingredients you have chosen.

 Picking out fruits 

 Herbs & spices


 Liquid nitrogen

 Liquid Nitrogen with custard apple, mango, apricot brandy & vodka - mmm delicious. The bartender had to put in an extra shot of vodka because the liquid nitrogen made the cocktail freeze and solidify!

Definitely worth going just for fun, especially if you like the idea of picking out your own ingredients for a cocktail without having to make it. The line started getting long around 7, so probably best to just head there after work. From memory the two cocktails were around $17/18 each.

Zeta Bar (Hilton Hotel)
Level 4, 488 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9265 6070
Open late Monday-Saturday
Farmer's Market is on now until end of June on Friday nights

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