Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hong Kong Kitchen: Chatswood (3 June 2012)

Hidden away on the first level at The Gallery in Chatswood, Hong Kong Kitchen has been feeding locals for as long as I can remember. They've been quite consistent with providing quick and cheap HK style meals (think baked pork chop rice) for a reasonable price. We arrived yesterday during their peak lunch time, and after a quick five minutes wait we were ushered to a freed up corner on a large table. 

Daily Lunch specials

Afternoon tea specials (from 2.30pm)

Breakfast specials (10-11.30am)

Pork chop with tomato sauce on rice
While presentation was virtually non-existant, with the plates almost being thrown down in front of you, the pork chop was hot and crunchy and smothered in just the right amount of tomato sauce.

HK style milk tea
The HK style milk tea is quite good here, although still not as strong as the ones in HK. The tea was creamy and full-bodied, with the strong taste of black tea still seeping out from underneath the evaporated milk.
Braised Beef Brisket noodle soup

Although service is virtually non-existant, HK kitchen serves up cheap, reliable and tasty meals costing less than $10 each. 

Hong Kong Kitchen
445 Victoria Ave, Shop 10B
The Gallery
Chatswood NSW
02 9884 7655
Open 7 days for breakfast, lunch & dinner

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