Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Khai's: Flemington (15 June 2012)

Tucked away in an alleyway opposite Flemington station, Khai's was always a go-to pho place for my family when we lived in Strathfield. Since moving further away, I haven't visited it for a while so I was excited when M decided to go to Flemington for pho. Dragging him away from his usual pho joint, we went to Khai's to relive my childhood memories. Although I can't remember the prices for the pho from my last visit, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still at a very low price of $7.50. We went in at around 8pm, and the place was filled with hungry customers so we waited for around 5 minutes before a table was vacated. We quickly placed our orders for the special pho and the rare beef pho, which was both delivered to the table at a record pace. The rare beef slices were sliced super thinly, and the broth was slightly sweet whilst being packed full of flavour. I was too occupied with my dish that I didn't get a chance to try M's, but he says that the special pho tasted almost the same as his favourite pho place (Naughty chef at Wynyard). The portions was huge, and although the service and ambience aren't the best, no one really cares when the pho tastes so good at such a low price. 

Special Pho
Rare beef pho 
Khai's Restaurant
95 The Crescent
Flemington NSW
02 9746 8999
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