Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother's Crepe: Chatswood (8 June 2012)

We had 20 minutes before our movie started (MIBIII!) so we decided to quickly run to Mother's Crepe to get some crepes and drinks. It was very quiet when we got there so they were able to make it straight away, and within 5 minutes we had our two crepes and smoothies ready to go :) The crepes were thin and freshly made, but I found it lacking in taste (though this could be because of the healthy ingredients they use in the crepes - oat bran, free range eggs and "healthier cream"). The fillings for the green tea shiratama azuki reminded me of the similar combos I found in Tokyo, with the soft serve green tea ice cream running down to the very bottom of the crepes! I thought the smoothies were also very reasonably priced (well at least compared to the drinks at the cinemas), and were both rich and creamy. They used the green tea soft serve ice cream to make the green tea milk smoothies, so it was especially rich!

Making the crepe :)
Ice cream flavours 
Samples for what the crepes look like
Sausage, Tuna & Mustard Crepe ($6.80)
Green tea milk and honey banana smoothies ($3.50 each)
Green tea shiratama azuki ($5.80)
 Mother's Crepe
330A Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 
02 9999 9999
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