Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saigon Hill: Castle Hill (04 June 2012)

Although we had driven past it a few times over the years, we've never walked in and I'm glad we did last night! Saigon Hill is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant tucked away on Terminus St in Castle Hill (opposite Castle Mall carpark) and is run by a lovely husband and wife team. Perhaps because it was a Monday and the weather was quite chilly, but we were the only customers when we first walked in. However as the night went on, a few more "regulars" came in, and it was lovely to see how well the owners knew their regular customers.

Mixed Entree: Sugarcane prawn, spring rolls, quail & stuffed chicken wing
I thought this was a really good mixed entree selection, with everything cooked well and delivered to the table piping hot. It was also reasonably priced at $15, which gave plenty of selection for the two of us.  
Roll your own rice paper roll with Grilled prawn and vermicelli ($20)
 Simple dish, with the prawns marinated well before being grilled. Nothing overly special about it, but then you can't really go too wrong with a DIY dish like this :)

I did really like this invention where you don't need to wet the rice paper rolls yourself - instead it comes out all done for you and separated with these circular air vented plastic sleeves. The only problem was that because we ate so slow, by the time we got to the last rice paper, it had started drying out. 

Overall it was a nice find for a Vietnamese restaurant in the Hills district for us :) Quite reasonably priced too, especially when comparing some other restaurants in the Hills district, with dinner coming to $35 for two people.

Saigon Hill
2/33 Terminus St
Castle Hill NSW 2154
02 8850 6100
Open for dinner 7 days, and lunch on the weekends

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  1. oh... i love vietnamese food. I can't find in my country

    1. Yes me too! Everything just tastes so fresh! Which country are you from?