Wednesday, July 18, 2012

American Doughnut Kitchen: Queen Victoria Market (13 July 2012)

After hearing and reading raving stories about the perfect jam doughnuts from the American Doughnut Kitchen van at the Queen Victoria Markets, we decided to make the hike over to the markets for breakfast. From where we were staying (little Collins St), it took around 20 minutes which made us feel a bit healthier before we started exploring all the deli and fresh produce stalls at the markets. 

Market stalls 
Fresh produce

After walking through the deli and fresh produce areas, we spotted the American Doughnut Kitchen van and made a beeline for it! We saw all the happy customers before us in the line leaving the van with a bag of 6 donuts, so we decided that we should get 6 donuts too for breakfast.

Oozing jam
 Yummmmm!!! They weren't wrong when they said that the highlight of the markets is the American Doughnut Kitchen (and it's not because the markets is terrible or anything). The doughnuts were scrumptious - crunchy, buttery and dense on the outside, with generous squirts of warm blood-red strawberry jam in the middle. We found a bench area near the van, and managed to snag a bench to sit on whilst eating the piping hot doughnuts and Melbourne-people watching :)
American Doughnut Kitchen van

Fresh handmade honeycomb
 After eating the doughnuts we walked through the huuuge markets and discovered some nice souvenir gift shops - homemade honey comb and baby chicks anyone?

baby chicks
American Doughnut Kitchen
Queen St, Queen Victoria Market
West Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9417 6415
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    Queen Victoria Market is situated on the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets in the Melbourne CBD and is easily accessed by foot, car, train, tram or bus.thank you.
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