Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coco Cubano: Parramatta (31 July 2012)

I was in Parramatta for an early appointment yesterday morning, so I decided to check out Coco Cubano for their breakfast menu. Although they are typically known for their delicious range of cocktails and tapas, they had a decent range of breakfast items (and also one of the few cafes around Church St that was opened at 7am). 

Bar Area

Huavos Baked Eggs
Two runny poached eggs is oven baked with a tomato based sauce and baked beans. The eggs are delicious with the tomato based sauce, and the toasted sourdough bread served on the side can be used to scoop up the runny egg yolks. However I found the tomato sauce leaning towards the watery side, though tasty nonetheless with the baked beans.

Overall a colourful and well-decorated restaurant, although the service seemed more on the slow side (especially since I was the only customer at the time). 

Coco Cubano
302 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
0450 956 382
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