Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery: Sydney (28 July 2012)

Located along the pedestrian street in Chinatown, Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery typically attracts a lengthy line of customers for their custard puffs. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to line up for the delicious flaky custard puffs with the parking meter running, so I grabbed a few of my favourite bakery items for our next few days worth of breakfasts. 

Sponge Cupcake
 A childhood favourite of mine - I still remember eating these after my extra tuition classes on the weekends at North Shore. Light, fluffy and buttery... yum! However the tops were slightly burnt in the batch I saw, so I did have to take of the top which is usually my favourite part :(

Coconut Pineapple buns
 Emperor's Garden coconut pineapple buns are made exceptionally well, being filled generously with a sweetened shredded coconut mixture, and topped with a relatively thick sweet pineapple flavour crust. 

Coconut swirl
This was my first time buying the coconut swirl bread, and I'm converted! We experimented with this one, and found it to be even more delicious when we split it up and placed it in the oven for around 5 minutes so the bread was warm and the sweetened coconut parts were crispy. 

Pineapple Bun
 Similar to the coconut versions, the soft pineapple buns were covered generously with a thick layer of sweet crispy pineapple flavoured crust. 

Egg Tart
My favourite egg tarts that can be bought in a bakery in Sydney! I adore the perfectly crispy and buttery pastry that surrounds the soft gelatinous creamy egg fillings. Yum! And at $1.40 each, they may be leaning slightly on the more expensive side, but they're definitely worth it! Heat it up in the oven as well so they are extra crispy and flaky

Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery
96-100 Hay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
02 9211 2135
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