Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Golden Century: Chinatown (20 June 2012)

Often thought of as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sydney, Golden Century has been around for as long as I remember. Although booking is advisable, many people with bookings may still find themselves having to wait for a bit while the lady with the intercom at the front tries to find a ready table. However the wait is more than worth it, especially for those seafood lovers. As tradition has it for my family who prefers not to make the trek over the bridge for food, some sort of seafood must be ordered to make the travel worthwhile. Tonight was no different, and we ordered the sliced live abalone steamboat and live parrot fish. Then to ensure everyone would be full, the pork ribs with Peking sauce was ordered, as well as the obligatory King mushrooms with vegetables.

Complimentary soup
Sliced live abalone steamboat (MP)
 They bring out the abalone thinly sliced, and served on top of shredded pieces of chinese cabbage.

A server then comes to briefly cook the abalone slices in the soup, and serves it evenly to each diner. The abalone slices can then be eaten by itself for its subtle flavours, or dipped into the soy sauce that is infused with freshly cut chillies.

Finally the chinese cabbage is cooked through the soup, and is served to each diner. Personally the soup is my favourite part of the dish, as it is subtly infused with the abalone flavour. 
Steamed Parrot Fish (MP)
 As always, the fish at Golden Century is steamed just long enough, so the meat is cooked but still tender. The slightly sweetened soy sauce and the generous amounts of shallots furthermore enhances the natural flavour of the parrot fish meat. 
King Mushrooms with vegetables ($24.80)
Although I find this dish more on the pricey side for a vegetables dish, the king mushroom slices are braised well and has a silky texture to it.  
Pork Ribs with Peking Sauce $21
 One of my guilty pleasures when eating at Golden Century - I love the perfect crunch each rib has, despite being smothered in the sweet Peking sauce. Although I always pin it on M as the one who wants to order a meat dish, this is one of my favourite dishes at Golden Century. 
Complimentary petit fours
 At the end of each meal, Golden Century is one of the more generous Chinese restaurants that offers you complimentary petit fours, fruit and sweet soup. 
Complimentary fruit 
Complimentary sweet coconut sago soup
 Definitely one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Sydney for its consistency in providing great seafood dishes over the years. However the service and waiting can be unpredictable, though I find significant improvements on weekday nights. Also they do tend to use significant amounts of MSG in the dishes.

Golden Century
393 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9212 3901
Open 7 days until 4am
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  1. I wonder if they offer the complimentary fruits and desserts to Caucasians? In my experience at other Chinese restaurants it's almost always a "No", but I haven't eaten at Golden Century recently to know.

    1. It's interesting that you bring it up Joey! From what I noticed, the soup is almost always a no, but I think they get offered fortune cookies