Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lindt Chocolat Cafe: Darling Harbour (05 July 2012)

Always reliable for a chocolate fix, Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Darling Harbour is one of the 4 locations that serve up desserts made from Lindt chocolate. While they are quite pricey, and there are better dessert cafes in Sydney for macarons, Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Darling Harbour offers a range of reliably delicious desserts at a good location.

Cake selection
 I was very tempted to buy a slice of their cakes, but decided to pull out in the last minute and opted for their ice cream instead. Maybe next time :)
Lindt Delices (macarons) 
S opted for the macarons (3 for $9) and a hot chocolte. According to her, the vanilla and strawberry ones were excellent, but would probably give the cookies and cream a miss next time. As always though, the hot chocolate was velvety and rich, being served up as a small pot of melted chocolate that can be mixed through the freshly frothed hot milk. 
Hot Chocolate 
Ice cream (70% cocoa and hazelnut)
 I love the ice cream served at Lindt, especially the 70% cocoa one which is truly rich and indulgent. I also think it is of quite good value, being at $9.50 for two scoops tht is served with a melted praline (served at the bottom of the glass cup) and a side of melted chocolate. Amazing.

Lindt Chocolat Cafe
1 Harbour St 
Cockle Bay Wharf 
Sydney NSW 2000
02 8257 1600

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