Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Movida Bar de Tapas: Melbourne (12 July 2012)

Last week I went to Melbourne with my friend Lorri for a "girls weekend" which ended up just being shopping and eating. Well more eating. To start things off, we decided to go to Movida for dinner on the first night as it was the common restaurant that we both wanted to try. Walking from our hotel using directions from our google maps, we eventually stumbled down the graffiti and cobblestoned alley to find the discreet Movida sign tucked away on the side.

We arrived at around 8.30pm on a Thursday night, but as we expected there was no seats left with the wait being around an hour long. We put our names and numbers down, and the waiter assured us that they will give us a call if anyone leaves early. After an hour walking around the city and taking all the necessary touristy photos of buildings, we ventured back and was promptly seated at the bar. 
Dessert menu
Complimentary sourdough bread served with extra virgin olive oil
Queso Manchego ($4.50) 
Imported Aged Manchego Sheep's milk cheese with Quince paste. This was Lorri's favourite dish from the night! Even though I typically don't like sheep's milk cheese, I also really enjoyed the combination of the creamy sheep's milk cheese that was contrasted with the sweet sliver of quince paste.

Croquetas de Choco en su Tinta ($4.00)
Squid Ink Croqueta with Cuttlefish. Delicious - fried crispy on the outside, and filled with moist flavoursome risotto rice on the inside that was infused with squid ink. 
Inside of the croqueta
Quail egg on crouton with black truffle
 This was on their daily specials list, and was my favourite from the tapas selection we had. We each popped ours into our mouths in one go and savoured the explosion of flavours as the runny quail egg yolks mixed through with the crouton and the black truffle shavings. 
Cuttlefish, squid and fish roe with rice
 We were both in awe with how tender the cuttle fish and squid was, but we found the rice relatively tasteless in contrast to the previous tapas and the other main. 
Carrillera de Buey ($23.50)
Slowly braised beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez on Cauliflower Puree. Definitely the highlight of the meal for me, if not my entire Melbourne trip. The beef cheek just melted under the spoon, and was able to soak up all the flavours of the wine-infused glaze. The cauliflower puree was also on another level, and was deeeelicious! Surprisingly it's not all that hard to make (the cauliflower puree) and I've since had a successful attempt at it at home. To make it, simply (1) cook a cauliflower head (broken into florets), 175mL cream and 40g butter, over low heat in a sauce pan for 45 minutes and season to taste, then (2) puree in food processor.

MoVida Bar de Tapas
1 Hosier Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9663 3038
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