Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sushi Suma: Surry Hills (05 August 2012)

Tucked along Cleveland St in Surry Hills, Sushi Suma has always been popular among locals for their reasonably priced well-portioned fresh Japanese food. I guess you can tell when a restaurant is authentic or not, by seeing Japanese patrons eating at a Japanese restaurant or Italians at an Italian restaurant etc., and Sushi Suma has always been packed full with Japanese patrons so I'll take that as a good sign :) 
Complimentary vermicelli salad

Agedashi Tofu
While the portion sizes have significantly reduced over the years, the agedashi tofu is still silky smooth and deep-fried to a delicious golden crispiness. 

Assorted sushi
 As part of the dinner combination meals (around $20-25 each person), we chose to have the sushi + tempura and the sashimi + teriyaki beef sets. Both the assorted sushi and sashimi were generous in portions, and included fresh and fat slices of sashimi. 

Assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna, kingfish)

Assorted tempura (prawn, pumpkin, capsicum)
 Good portion of crispy fried hot tempura pieces of prawns, pumpkin and capsicum - served with a mild tasting dipping sauce. 

Beef teriyaki
A mountainload of shredded cabbage pieces and well-marinated tender beef slices - the fatty juices of the beef was well mixed into the teriyaki sauce, which made the plain shredded cabbage pieces incredibly tasty. 

Sushi Suma
425 Cleveland St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9698 8873
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