Friday, August 24, 2012

Tim's BBQ: Hornsby (09 August 2012)

A few weeks ago I was placed at Hornsby for a week so I decided to explore some of the local eateries. The people who I worked with during the week was throwing a mini birthday celebration, and so we went to Tim's BBQ for what was suggested as the "best" chinese food in Hornsby. Recently renovated, the interior of the BBQ shop was relatively clean and modern, and the service was prompt and friendly.

Large serving of spring rolls ($9)
 To start off with, we ordered a large serving of spring rolls to share. They portion sizes are very large, and each spring roll is packed full of shredded vegetables and flavour, encased in a crispy deep fried outer layer. 

Thousand year egg and lean pork mince congee
served with fried Chinese doughnuts
 I ordered the congee which comes with complimentary chinese doughnuts. Whilst the congee was flavoursome and comes with generous servings of thousand year egg pieces mixed throughout, the congee was on the watery side and was not as gelatinous and thick as I usually prefer. However the complimentary chinese doughnuts were fried to a golden perfection, and was perfect to dunk into the congee. 

BBQ pork and soya chicken with rice and vegetables
I tried some of the BBQ and soya chicken too, and I must say I was impressed with how they served it. Typically at a chinese BBQ kitchen, the meat is served in big chunks, but both the BBQ pork and the soya chicken was sliced thinly which is perfect for portioning with a spoon of rice :) 

Tim's BBQ Kitchen
6 Florence St 
Hornsby NSW 2077
02 9482 7321
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