Friday, August 3, 2012

Tony Roma's: Sydney (01 August 2012)

All you can eat ribs. 

I think M must have heard some heavenly happy bells ringing when he saw the vouchers for the deal that entitled the bearer to all-you-can eat pork riblets at Tony Roma's for $19 (normally $39.90). Luckily, he restrained himself and didn't buy too many so on a cold Wednesday night, we joined many other Scoopon holders to a pork riblets feast at Tony Roma's. 

Warm complimentary baguette with garlic butter
 To begin with, we're offered a warm crispy bread roll served with a side of garlic butter. 
All you can eat ribs
Pork riblets
 ... and then the ribs eating began. We're each presented with a plate filled high with two slabs of slow-cooked BBQ sauce slathered ribs, served with a side of crispy (but filling) side of fries. I was pleasantly surprised with the decent quality of the first serving of ribs, which was tender and flavoursome, with the marinated meat falling off the bones. However the quality become more inconsistent with our second plate, with some parts of the ribs being overcooked and hence drying out (either that or we were beginning to hallucinate from all the meat). 

Overall it was quite a fun experience, with relatively friendly and prompt service. It may be worth it if you're a big ribs eater, but otherwise it would probably be best to spend the same amount at some better ribs-joints such as Hurricane's. 

Tony Roma's 
King St & Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9299 8500
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