Monday, September 10, 2012

Glass: Sydney CBD (01 September 2012)

For father's day with M's dad, we decided to take them to buffet breakfast at glass since they seemed to enjoy buffets as there's always something to please everyone. There is really an excellent range of hot and cold dishes, as well as a list of gluten free options. The interiors are also simple and elegant, with walls filled with wine glass towers and large clothed chandeliers. In addition, with the entertainment card which gives you buy one get one free, you can get the buffet for $42 for two people which is excellent value considering the great quality of the dishes. Below is a summary of some of the dishes we tried, and some we still need to come back for. 

Juice shots: Beetroot, celery, carrot

Eggs benedict
 A special mention needs to be made to this - typically I find the eggs made to order at some buffets can be dry and overcooked, but the eggs benedicts made for us at Glass this time were delicious and probably better than most cafes we have tried. The poached eggs were still slightly runny, and the hollandaise sauce generously covered the dish. 


Freshly made honeycomb

Bread/pastry section

Delicious flaky pastries

Bacon and sauteed mushrooms
 The bacon pieces were cooked well, with the thin strip fatty areas being relatively crunchy. The mushrooms were also very flavoursome without being too oily. 

Freshly squeezed fruit juices
They have a range of freshly squeezed fruit juices which you can pick up, or alternatively you can ask the lovely lady to make a juice to order. 

Fruit, nuts and cereal section

Great range of yogurts!
I was really surprised that they served the Eat organic yogurts in small tubs since they're quite pricey, but then this is Glass :) 

More juice

Ceiling high worth of wine glass

Glass Brasserie
488 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9265 6068
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