Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jamie's Italian: Sydney (31 August 2012)

I'm sure most people reading this post have already been to Jamie's, seen photos of the dishes or heard something or other about the dishes by now, so I'll just briefly post up the photos and talk about the dishes I liked from a recent group dinner we had there. First of all the wait! I would have thought the hype would have at least died down slightly by now, but there was still around a 90-120 minutes wait on a friday night at 5.45pm. It did work out well for us because we went away and had some pre-dinner drinks at the lovely bar section in Felix nearby, but we were definitely hungry by the time we ordered and received our dishes. The atmosphere is buzzing as always, and the servers are a bit of a hit and miss (some were very attentive, while some seemed overly frazzled and over-worked). 

Black Angel Spaghetti
All the pastas were made to a perfect al-dente, with a good balance between being cooked thoroughly with a slight bounce. The Black Angel Spaghetti consisted of squid ink pasta tossed in a sauce of scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine & capers. Personally found the sauce a little overpowering since I couldn't quite taste the squid ink essence from the pasta. 

Mussel linguine 
Mussels marinated with garlic, chilli & parsley is tossed through perfect al-dente pasta with butter & lemon. Very mild tasting compared to the black squid ink pasta, but the subtle flavours work well together and was a great entree. 

Spaghetti bolognese
Of course we had to order the classic spag bol, which is cooked simply but well at Jamie's consisting of beef and pork mince cooked through with herbs, Chinati & parmesan with crunchy herby breadcrumbs.

Wild Ragu Pasta Pipe
My favourite pasta from the night - it consisted of slow-cooked tender shredded pieces of meat in a thick and rich tomato based sauce and topped with parmesan. Delicious.

Crispy Polenta Chips
Deliciously fluffy polenta cubes are deep-fried to a perfect crispiness on the outside and seasoned with rosemary salt and parmesan. Get a few bowls of these if you're in a big group because they disappear fast!

Posh Chips
Love, love, love truffle oil! And it goes soooo well with these insanely good crunchy hand cut chips that are infused with the truffle oil and topped with fluffy shaved parmesan strips.

Meat plank
Cured meats of San Daniele prosciutto, Wagyu bresaola, finocchio & capocollo; Cheeses: Buffalo mozzarella & pecorino with chilli jam (looks like a sunny side up egg); pickles: green chillis, green & Gaeta olives & caper berries; and a side of Crunchy salad consisting of shaved root veg tossed through with chilli, lemon and mint. 

Complimentary bread selection

Baby pink snapper
Whole-roasted pink snapper served with crunchy sweet & sour vegetables. The snapper is simply flavoured with the sweet & sour vegetables that are wedged all throughout the snapper, though it is quite hard to eat in the darkly lit restaurant with all the bones. 

Tuscan wild boar sausages
red wine & fennel sausages served on top of a bed of warm, minty lentil salad and salsa rossa piccante

Veal Saltimbocca
Wafer-thin veal with sage and prociutto flash-grilled with a spicy tomato, basil & chilli salsa - the veal today was slightly more on the chewy side, however the flavour that was infused in the thinly cut veal piece was amazing! 

Italian Ice cream bombe
We were already past the full stage but who could say no to an ice cream bombe that consisted of panettone, vin santo, candied fruit and ricotta encasing ice cream and served with a side of hot chocolate sauce. 

Fresh mint tea
Definitely a necessity to ease the stomach after a huge Italian feast :) 

The ragu pasta and chips were definitely the highlight of the meal for me, and while the rest of the dishes were all good I probably couldn't bring myself to line up for two hours for them. Probably not the best choice of a dining place for a Friday night, but will need to come back on a weekday night to try out more of the pasta dishes :)

Jamie's Italian
107 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 8240 9000
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