Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr Wong: Sydney (14 September 2012)

As soon as I heard Merivale was opening up a new venture in the old Tank nightclub venue, I was excited and pumped to try it. However what I soon found out from my two visits, was that it far exceeded my expectations in terms of the boundaries it pushed for some of the traditional yumcha dishes (albeit with a much higher price tag). The following are some photos from our first visit:

Main dining area

Silken tofu, smoked eel, century egg and chilli dressing ($12)
Delicious blend of flavours, with the relatively mild tasting silken tofu being complemented by the salty smoked eel, the gelatinous creamy century egg quarters and the mild chilli dressing. 

Pork and Prawn Shumai ($12) 
Prawn har gau ($9)
 Both the prawn har gau and the pork and prawn shumai used fresh ingredients, and were juicy and succulent. However both seemed similar to the har gaus or shumais you could get at a good yumcha joint like Fook Yuen or Marigold. 

Twice cooked green beans, pork mince and XO sauce $16
 Really tasty and well made green beans dish - each circumference of the pork mince seemed to have been well-marinated in the XO sauce and complemented the beans perfectly. 

Jasmine Green tea ($2/person) 
Pan fried turnip cake $9.80
 Surprisingly this was my favourite dish from the day! Normally I'm not a huge fan of the pan-fried turnip cake at yumcha, but the one at Mr Wong is amazing! The typical soft, gelatinous radish cake is topped with a thin layer of seaweed and bonito flakes that really brings this dish to another level. Could probably come back to Mr Wong just for this. 

Roast white chocolate ice cream, yuzu curd, longans and raspberries ($14)
 To finish the meal off we shared this dessert, which is a lovely play of opposing textures and flavours. The creaminess of the roast white chocolate ice cream goes well with the slight tanginess of the raspberries and yuzu curd, and the sweetness of the longans.

Bar area
Kitchen area
 After lunch, the lovely manager took us around for a tour of the restaurant to show us the different styles of rooms that the restaurant has downstairs.  


Large tables for banquets 

Lobsters :)

Downstairs bar area


Since we had come during the opening week and had booked in for a relatively late lunch, many of the dishes we wanted to try were not available so we came back again last week with some friends! Although it was the pear taro croquette that I wanted to try, it wasn't available again so I guess I would have to return again :D 

Lobster Mei Si Roll ($11)
 Whoa seriously mind-blowingly good! I could probably sit down and eat this plate by myself - the inside is filled with succulent pieces of garlic-buttery braised pieces of lobster, before being wrapped in some pastry and being fried to an utter golden perfection. Try it if you haven't already!

Scallop and prawn shumai $9.80
 A slight twist on your typical shumai at chinese yumcha joints, with the addition of a whole succulent piece of scallop on top of each one before being topped with fish roe. Delicious, but nothing like the lobster mei si roll that came beforehand. 

BBQ pork buns $9.80
Relatively tiny BBQ pork buns - although it was well seasoned and flavoured, there wasn't anything that set it apart from the BBQ buns at Fook Yuen or really most of the yumcha joints in Chinatown

Steam rice roll with barbecue pork $10.80
Again the BBQ pork chueng fun was well made but nothing spectacular that we had come to expect with some of the dishes at Mr Wong. 

Foie gras prawn toast $12
To finish the meal off we had the foie gras prawn toast which was amazing. The flavours of the foie gras on the prawn toast was intense and addictive, and each bite had a perfect crunch without being overly greasy. 

Overall our two lunchtime visits to Mr Wong has been scattered with well-made dishes and some amazing dishes. Will definitely have to come back again to try and get hold of the pear taro croquettes, as well as perhaps trying some more of the pan-fried and baked dishes or even the dinner menu. 

Mr Wong
3 Bridge Lane
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9240 3000
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  1. Haven't tried the turnip cake yet; it looks divine and I love the normal ones at yum cha already so I should want to marry the Mr Wong version!

  2. i might have to try the pan-fried turnip cake next time. i've been 3 times but didn't ordered it. so many choices on the menu.