Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ju Ge Mu & Shimbashi: Neutral Bay (22 September 2012)

This lovely authentic Japanese restaurant is located on the busy Military road in Neutral Bay. However once inside, it feels like as if you've been transported to a traditional diner in Japan. The restaurant is split into two sections as suggested by the name, and specialises in handmade soba and okonomiyaki. 

Grilled ox tongue ($5 per skewer)
Felt they were a little on the overcooked side tonight since they were chewier than usual, but the rich fatty aroma of the ox tongue slices were still delicious!

Sashimi ($30)
A generous assortment of fresh and fat slices of sashimi

Karaage chicken

Nasu Dengaku $10
Miso glazed eggplant slices - I'm generally not a huge fan of eggplants (something about the slightly slimy texture) but I could literally eat these eggplant slices all day!! The sweet miso glaze is thick and sweet, and brings out the subtle taste of the eggplants. Yum!

Double Salmon Roll ($18)

Saikyo Yaki ($19)
Miso marinated grilled fish served with a side of extra miso paste for dipping. 

Soft shell crab
Nothing out of the ordinary, but well deep-fried and thinly battered soft shell crab pieces with a deliciously addictive consistent crunch. 

I think our group came to the consensus that the okonomiyaki dishes were the highlight of dinner and would be the main drawcard for us to return again. They were all presented on a hot metal plate, and consisted of delicious toppings such as mixed seafood and kimchi, mixed through a thick pancake batter before being topped with sauce, seaweed flakes and more. 

Original, Green tea, chilli and watermelon flavoured soba
As part of their daily specials menu, they had the four-flavoured tori and kinoko seiro soba served with bowls of warm chicken and japanese mushroom dipping sauce. They were all delicious and had a bouncy yet firm texture. My favourite would definitely have to be the green tea soba though because it had a lovely and rich green tea aroma to it. 

Okonomiyaki side

Soba making machine :)
Ju Ge Mu & Shimbashi
246 Military Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
02 9904 3011

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